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Post and Purlin started out with a goal of providing custom, high quality wood products across a wide spectrum to its clients both near and far. With many combined years of experience in both the milling and millwork industries, our staff are able to provide high quality products, and are only getting better with time.
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Owner/Director for life/Sales

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Yard Manager / Operator / Sales

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Mill Manager/ Sawyer

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Mill Hand

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Office Admin


Hello there! I'm Michael Essex, the Owner & General Manager of Post & Purlin Forest Products. I founded this company in November 2022 with a vision to transform our customers' dreams into reality through custom timber, millwork, cabinetry, and everything else made of wood. Today, I'm thrilled to see that vision materialize, thanks to the incredible support of my dedicated team. It hasn't been an easy journey, but leaving a well-paying job to pursue this dream was a risk worth taking. About Me: With nearly 20 years of experience in the lumber industry, including 5 years in contractor sales within the building supply sector, I've honed my skills and found my passion. Building strong relationships with customers has always come naturally to me, enabling me to quickly grasp their needs and deliver accordingly. As a long-time resident of Powell River, I'm proud to raise my two children with my wife, Marijana. Outside of work, I'm deeply involved in men's mental health and personal growth initiatives. I've served on the board of directors for the Mankind Project and spearheaded efforts like the Brotherly Love Fund, supporting men in our community during tough times. Additionally, I own and manage Lahey Trailers, a local business offering RV rentals for seasonal adventures. My Approach: I embrace life with a willingness to take calculated risks, believing they often lead to rewarding outcomes. Living with ADHD, I affectionately refer to my bouts of distraction as "squirrel moments," yet I view my ADHD as a superpower fueling my creativity and focus. Fun Facts: I bought and paid for my first snowmobile at the age of 10. Although I have a secret talent for singing, coaxing a performance out of me might prove challenging. I firmly adhere to the philosophy of living in a flow state, where embracing positivity and kindness towards others attracts positive outcomes. What I Bring to the Table: I've been commended for my intuition and ability to connect with others, often sensing the energy in any given situation.

Keith Chisolm

Hello! I'm Keith, the yard manager, operator, and salesman out at Post and Purlin. Loving father of three, hailing from Economy Nova Scotia. From my years of experience in woodcraft on the east coast, to doing interior installations in the Lower Mainland, to machine operation and sales in aggregates, I bring a unique blend of skills to the yard here. When you come in the yard at Post and Purlin, I'm the man to see about whatever you may need. Years of experience with not just clients, but manufacturers, has given me a healthy appreciation for good and honest customer service. I've usually got at least a half dozen one liners ready to keep the mood lighthearted. Outside of work you'll find me either at home with my two daughters, son and Wife, or at the nearest Go-kart track.

Christopher Roberts

I'm Chris, mill manager at Post and Purlin, career woodworker and sawyer. Born and raised in Powell River, I've spent my entire life in and around the very forests that allow Post and Purlin to thrive. Since a teenager I have spent every possible minute working with wood, either in a shop producing millwork and furniture, or on a sawmill. With 10 years of fulltime experience as a joiner, and 4 fulltime years as a sawyer, I bring with me a lifelong obsession for creating high quality wood products. I've always been a good problem solver, and firmly believe that there is nothing that can't be done with perseverance. Outside of work life you'll usually find me out hiking on a trail with my wife and our labradoodle Korra. You can often find Korra overseeing operations at Post and Purlin, where she greets every new customer (usually way too loudly)

Brandon Boese

Hi, I'm Brandon Boese, the sawyer for Post & Purlin Forest Products. I've been working for Post & Purlin since the doors opened in 2022. With 3 years experience in cabinetry beforehand, I've always been passionate about the process behind turning a tree into a beautiful, finished product. Seeing the finished product in a client's home is one of the best feelings. Outside of work, most of my time is spent keeping up with my dog, cat, and horse. As an animal lover, I stay busy! My other priority is working towards homesteading. Working hands on with forestry products has given me a unique understanding of the importance of properly utilizing natural resources. I've been called a "jack of all trades" - I enjoy dabbling in any new challenge I come across, whatever it may be. Problem solving comes naturally for me. Constant learning comes with the job, and gaining new skills is one of my favourite parts of my job.


Hi, I'm Mickey, the mill hand. While I'm relatively new to the lumber industry, I've already become a valuable member of the team out here. I help keep the lumber flowing, the crew laughing and I look good doing it. I have spent the last ten years working in marine aquaculture, developing a strong work ethic, and I bring the same energy to the mill here. I spend my free time with my two young boys and my wife, and you'll often find me with my electric guitar in hand.


Jenny works behind the scenes at Post & Purlin to help ensure things run smoothly in the office. She has a Bachelor of Commerce and over 15 years experience in business and administration working in many different industries including education, office products, and construction. When Jenny is not busy at the office you can often find her at home caring for her family, and on the weekends Jenny enjoys quadding, gardening and boating with her family.

From left to right: Christopher, Keith, Micheal, Mickey, Brandon

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